I'm not one of those jewelry designers that have been doing this since my first macaroni necklace.  I have not dreamed my whole life of becoming a jewelry designer.  It's a passion that has been recently discovered, but has been many years and experiences in the making.  When I think about it now, it makes perfect sense that running my own business of creating beautiful, personal items for women to treasure is now something that I absolutely love to do. 

I have been artistic all of my life, and throughout my childhood I was always making various pretty things in order to make extra money. I made pressed flower bookmarks and notecards and sewed hair scrunchis (80's and 90's!) and make my mom sell them to her clients.  I even remember making friendship bracelets with my friends in Catholic grade school and selling them at recess when the nuns and teachers weren't watching.

In college I majored in art, but I didn't see myself selling my paintings and drawings in galleries, so I ended up focusing on art history.  I fell in love with cultures of the past and the way amazing works of art of all types were also functional pieces in people's daily lives. In particular, female artists and the personal objects and artwork of women such as prayer books, portraits, and jewelry, became the focus of my studies. 

Unfortunately, even with a Master's in art history, jobs were few and far between. I found positions distantly related to my degree and my interests, but though they paid the bills and I learned a lot, my best efforts and creativity were spent fueling the work and vision of other artists, while my personal talents were put on the back-burner.

Acanthus was born out of the desire to start and develop a career that was my own.  A career that allowed me to create, to learn new skills, and to grow and be proud of what I had built for myself.  A career that would allow me to stay home and raise the children I would have someday.

Acanthus' website launched in 2010.  The line has evolved and will continue to evolve with the goal of hand crafting elegant, feminine pieces that feel like they have a long history behind them. It is a labor of love that I tend while also taking care of my husband and 5 year old son and baby girl in our home in Minnesota.

Thank you for looking at my work, and taking the time to learn more about the story behind it.


Nichole McIver