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A powerful symbol of creation and growth, the spiral can be found in the natural world around us, as well as the far reaches of the galaxies. These mathematically rhythmic paths that increase from the center outwards represent our growth and the transformation as individuals within the web of life.


Hand-painted silver discs featuring a pattern of diamonds and gemstones, topped with faceted quartz, and framed in rich 14k yellow gold. 


Select between:

Multi-colored disc with diamond and an emerald

Blue disc with diamond and a blue sapphire

Pink disc with diamond and a pink sapphire 


Available with a chain, or as a charm only. Please select below. 


Each medallion is one of a kind, and variations from the original image will occur.  


14k yellow gold, diamond, gemstone (blue sapphire, pink sapphire, or emerald) 

16" chain / charm only 


Click here for information on lead times, returns, and jewelry care.

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